About Us

We’re gallivanting gurus, in love with Chile; a talented, first-class, expert team, dedicated to the creation of one-of-a-kind travel experiences. We carefully design bespoke trips to suit each and every client that comes our way, whether they’re lone explorers, wandering couples, families, groups, or companies.

Social and environmental sustainability is in our DNA, which is why we form part of the movement known as B Corporations. We were born with the conviction that travel can be organized and enjoyed in a responsible way; one that contributes to the development of each tourist destination and to the wellbeing of those who live there.

We’re passionate about travel, and we know, from first-hand experience, how to turn every single journey into an unforgettable adventure. We know that each individual voyager is different to all the rest, and that he or she appreciates life’s experiences from a perspective that’s equally unique. We offer quality travel opportunities filled with meaning, and we spend time focusing on the finer details to convert run-of-the-mill into something singular. We’d love for you to visit.